GayYA is a not-for-profit, child-of-queer-book-love organization run by two teenagers. GayYA is funded by our monthly allowances*. (Yay supportive parents!) The total cost to keep GayYA up and running each year is around $1,000 which is, well, a lot more than our allowances. We pay for everything out-of-pocket. What is “everything”?

Books (for review and giveaways)
Website hosting
Shipping for Giveaways
Subscriptions to services that make GayYA go (Miss the spam in the comments? We don’t either.)
Miscellaneous expenses

Each of us spends anywhere from 2-8 hours daily running the site and its social media. We do not make any money from Gay YA.  In fact, about 50% of our earnings go toward it.
If you have some spare change and want to support Gay YA, anything helps–five dollars, fifty dollars, fifty cents. (We often buy from surplus bookstores, so while fifty cents may not seem like much, it actually helps a great deal.)  We appreciate it hugely, and will use any and all money given us to connect queer books with readers as far and wide as we can.

How your donations help:

$1 Almost buys a book from a surplus or used store for reviewing.
$5 Keeps spam out of our community for a month.
$10 Helps us ship books to other GayYA readers! (We ship around 10 books a month.)
$50 lets us record and publish author interviews for a year.
$200 pays for hosting and domain registration costs for a year.

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For more information about Gay YA, click here.

*And Kathleen works about 5 hours at a used bookstore every week.