New to Gay YA? Here’s what you should know. 

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Why does this site need to exist?

People in the publishing and editing businesses are still making writers take out their queer characters or turn them into straight ones, because they believe there isn’t an audience that will buy them. But this is not true. There are queer people all over the world that want to see themselves in the pages of books. Plus, plenty of non-queer people are up for reading Gay YA too. It’s not just a small market anymore. The world is ready for more!

Every day we hear about people looking for books with kids like them, who say they’ve only read one or two books with queer characters in them, and that that made them very sad and they wished there were more they could read– and there ARE more. They just don’t know about them. So we also exist to promote the Gay YA that’s already out there so they end up in the hands of people that want them.

Second off, here’s a guide to our terminology.

Let’s start with the acronym we use– LGBTQIA+

L: Lesbian (woman who is sexually and romantically attracted to women)
G: Gay (man who is sexually and romantically attracted to men)
B: Bisexual (person of any gender who is attracted to two or more genders)
T: Trans (umbrella term for anyone whose gender does not match what sex they were declared at birth)
Q: Queer (person who identifies as non-hetero or non-cis)
I: Intersex (a person who is born with a reproductive or sexual anatomy that doesn’t seem to fit the typical definitions of female or male x)
A: Asexual (people who do not experience sexual attraction)
+: There’s a lot that falls under the ‘plus.’ Here are a few:

Pansexual (person who is attracted all genders and/or to individuals regardless of sex or gender)
Demisexual (person who only experiences sexual attraction after an emotional bond is formed)
Gray-Asexual (person who rarely experiences sexual attraction to any gender or sex)
Polysexual (person who is sexually attracted to multiple genders or sexes)
Polyamorous (a relationship that involves more than two people)

There is also a whole spectrum of romantic orientation. Any of the above terms that have “sexual” in them can be changed to “romantic.” A romantic attraction generally means you’re romantically interested in someone, and may want to hold hands, snuggle, or even kiss, but don’t have an interest in going farther than that.

Now let’s unpack gender identity:

There are two main branches to gender identity, which are cisgender and trans. Cisgender is the identifier for anyone whose gender matches the sex they were declared at birth. Trans is the identifier for anyone whose gender does not match the sex they were declared at birth.

Trans is an umbrella term for anyone whose gender does not match the sex they were declared at birth.

The two main prongs under this term are transgender/transsexual, and genderqueer/non-binary.

Genderqueer/Non-Binary is an umbrella term for anyone who identifies outside of the gender binary (male/female). Some of these identities are:

Genderfluid: Someone whose gender identity is fluid, and changes. It can switch between any combination of gender identities.
Bi or tri-gender: Someone who identifies as two or three genders.
Agender: Someone who does not have a gender.
Demi-girl: Someone who identifies partially as a girl or woman, whatever their biological sex.
Demi-guy: Someone who identifies partially as a boy or man, whatever their biological sex.

There are a great many of third-gender identities from different cultures around the world such as twospirit, that are too many to list, but are very important to know the existence of.

If you want to learn more about gender identity, try

~Please note that there is a lot of controversy over these terms and their meanings, and this is a very very basic introduction to the terms. If you are new to these terms, please be aware that there is much more to it all than is laid out here. If you feel that we got something wrong or there is something we could do better, please email