I’ll Write LGBTQ Characters Forever

by Francesca Lia Block I'm often asked about my LGBTQ characters but it's kind of like asking me about women and men, or teenagers and adults, in my books.  They just happen to be who they are and they're usually based on people I know and love. I don't think about it consciously, though I [...]

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Wait! This novel has GAY people in it!

Molly Beth Griffin I didn’t start writing my first novel assuming that it would actually be read by anyone but me and my graduate school advisor, and maybe the memory of my teenage self. It was an experiment in longer-form fiction taken on by a self-defined picture book writer. But the project took flight, and [...]

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Guest Post: Jo Knowles

Last weekend I was driving near the Brown campus in Providence, RI with my family. When we stopped at a light, two male students crossed the street, holding hands. They were chatting away, smiling, like what they were doing was the most natural thing in the world. My husband and I both commented on how [...]

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Old Dog, New Tricks

Originally posted at Making Stuff Up For A Living. Thanks to Saundra for allowing us to repost! By: Saundra Mitchell When sister Deb Jessica Verday told us that her editor for WICKED PRETTY THINGS insisted that the G-rated, one-kiss gay romance in her story had to become a het romance to be published, I was appalled, but [...]

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