What: An hour long live Twitter chat with @theGayYA’s Twitter followers and anyone who wants to participate. We talk about issues in Gay YA, writing Gay YA, and the real lives of gay teenagers.

When: Every Wednesday at 4 PM EST.

Where: Twitter! Log in and search the hashtag #GayYA to participate. Or use a Twitter chat service like TweetChat to make things easier.

Who: YOU! Everyone is invited to participate & we love new faces. Come stop by.


The Why: It’s fun! We started it one week to have a conversation about something we thought was important — honesty in Gay YA.  We see a lot of great blog posts come through the site, and we are honored to be hosting so much fantastic, insightful content for y’all to read. But blog posts are written by one or two people, and if there’s one thing we know about the Gay YA Community, it’s that if we ask ten of you a question… we’ll get thirteen different answers. We want to embrace that diversity and get everybody talking about the topics that are important to you.

We host #GayYA every week with a variety of different topics, and we’re always looking for input. We love guest hosts and great topic ideas. Recent topics have included:

Bisexual Main Characters

Writing LGBTQ Sexuality in YA

Going Beyond the Coming Out Story

Honesty in Writing Gay YA Fiction


If you have any questions, “@” us on Twitter or email maria@gayYA.org & we’d love to help you out! 🙂