Queer fandom is in a very sad state, and there is no reason for it to be. There are legions of fans out there for queer books, but no one organizing to make a central fan base for them. Since my background is in fandom to begin with, I’ve decided to use this platform to help remedy this. I’ve started a series of blogs on tumblr.

Here are the ones we have so far!












Some of them have been around for much longer than others, and have much more content. Check out MelissaMarrFans or LauraLamFans for what we hope they will all eventually look like.

We are looking for contributors for all of them.  A contributor can be any dedicated fan willing to put in work to keep the fanblog up and running. These blogs are all-encompassing fandom spaces. We need people to keep up with the things the fandom itself is producing, news related to the books or author, producing our own cool things, discussion of the books, and other awesome features. Please email me at victoria@gayya.org with which one you’d be interested in being a contributor for, a little bit about yourself, how much time you’ll be willing to dedicate to it, and if there’s one thing in particular you’d really have an interest in doing.

If you run a fandom of a queer book or author, please get in touch! We’re interested in hearing about it, and promoting what you’re doing. If you’re a fan of another author of queer YA that we do not have a blog of yet and are interested in helping us start it up, please let us know. You can reach me at victoria@gayya.org.