Call for Submissions

/Call for Submissions

These are the upcoming 2018 series that we are accepting submissions for!

Most of these are identity specific Awareness Weeks. While we aim to include everyone on the site at all times, we’ve found that dedicating a specific space to discuss specific issues has yielded amazing and powerful results.

Submissions are open for:

  • Black History Month
    • Deadline: January 14th
  • Aromantic Awareness Week
    • Deadline: January 14th
  • Autism Awareness Month
    • Deadline: February 1st
  • Sexual Violence Awareness Week
    • Deadline: February 1st

Interested in contributing?

During 2018, we’ll feature 3-7 posts from various contributors for each series.

Posts should be between 800-2500 words, and should touch on identity specific representation in YA, or your experience in the YA community. (They do not need to center around this, however.) Your post will go through light edits or a collaborative workshopping process.

Send your post as a Word or Google doc to Please include a 2-5 sentence bio about yourself including links to your blog, Twitter, website, or tumblr. Any links you’d like to use should be included as hyperlinks in the post. If you’d like to include a headshot or other images please attach them to the email– do not embed images in the document!

We do not offer monetary compensation of any sort, but are usually happy to help you out in other ways if we can. Just ask!

Deadlines for each series are listed above. Please note that the deadlines are different for different series!

A Few Words of Advice:

We are open to posts from people in any part of the book community: readers, writers, librarians, teachers, editors, agents, publicists, etc. We will consider any topic that is related to LGBTQIA+ YA, however please be aware that we try to avoid repeating similar takes on identical topics. The more specific you can be, the more likely we are to accept your submission.  (Consider checking our website for posts that we’ve featured on these topics in the past to get a feeling for what we’ve already published. You can use our search function to track down specific posts or use our tags to the right-hand side of the website.) We will take posts on the similar/same topic, but the posts need to be specific enough to you and your experience that it doesn’t feel like a repeat.

Don’t be afraid to be critical of books! If needed, we will edit back the criticism if we think it’s too much.

If you have a couple topics in mind, you can also email with your ideas, and we can narrow it down to what post topic would work best.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email!