We’re looking for 2-3 new volunteers to join our Content Team!

Content Team Member

Content Team members keep GayYA going by formatting posts before they go up and scheduling promotional tweets on Twitter. Help broaden our readership base and enable our community members find posts relevant to them and their interests by promoting our content and making our posts look awesome!

Typically, 1-4 posts are sent to each Content Team member per month. (Exceptions include months without posts, and month-long blogathons.) Posts will be sent to Content Team members at least 72 hours before the post goes up; the post should be formatted and tweets should be scheduled at least 24 hours before the post goes up. Posts are formatted in alignment with GayYA’s posts standards. Between 6-12 tweets are scheduled for each post, in alignment with GayYA’s promotional guidelines.

Occasionally, we are unable to get posts to people before the 72 hours window. If that happens, requests for last minute help will be sent to the group chat, or will be discussed with volunteers individually.

Content Team members will be trained in how to format and promote posts, and will follow GayYA’s post and promo guidelines.

What we’re looking for:

  • Comfort with Twitter and/or Tumblr
  • Basic knowledge of WordPress
  • Dependability– if you are assigned a post, we expect you to format & promote it, or for you to tell us ASAP if you can’t!
  • Attention to detail– formatting posts can be pretty easy, but there’s some that can also take a long time. Maybe there’s a ton of pictures or links, or for some reason the paragraphs just aren’t spacing right. We love it when people put in the time to get things right!
  • Collaborative energy– a lot of this work ends up being two or three of us banging out possible tweets or sending each other feedback/encouragement. Working well with others is a huge plus!

To apply, please email vee@gayya.org with:

  • A little bit about yourself
  • Links to your website/social media
  • A summary of the experience you have in working with websites and social media
  • Why you are interested in becoming a Content Team member