Welcome to GayYA’s first ever #YAPride Challenge! #YAPride is all about spreading the LGBTQIA+ love– and you’re entered to win an AWESOME prize while you do it! The prize? A box of 8 #OwnVoices LGBTQIA+ YA books. We’ll announce the exact titles in a few days, but one of them will be a signed copy of You Know Me Well by David Levithan and Nina Lacour, and there will be a couple ARCs of upcoming releases!

Our #YAPride challenge will be split into 3 weeks. It’s a mutli-platform challenge on Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, and Instagram. Enter as many times as you’d like! Please remember to TAG ALL YOUR ENTRIES as #YAPride– otherwise, we won’t see them! Here are the 3 challenges:

Week 1 (June 5th-11th):

Take a picture of one of your favorite LGBTQIA+ YA books. If you have room, share what it’s about, why you love it so much, and/or a favorite quote from it. Please feel free to take pics of library books, ebooks, or make art that references the cover or title if you don’t own a physical copy! Each book you talk about will count as one entry.

Week 2 (June 12th-18th):

Spread the love for your favorite blogs/bloggers/bookstagrammers/booklrs/booktubers that frequently feature LGBTQIA+ YA! Promote your faves & let others know they they’re awesome! Each blog/blogger you promote will count as one entry.

Week 3 (June 19th-25th):

Write an open letter to the author of an LGBTQIA+ book you loved, about what their book meant to you. The letter can be a string of tweets, a picture of what you handwrote, a screencap of a longer document, a post on tumblr… etc. Share it on social media! Each letter you share will count as one entry.