The Queer YA Scrabble Giveaway is now over… but the auction is just starting! You can still get all of the fabulous prizes in Team Dragon’s Prize Box– plus some fabulous critique opportunities with editors and agents. All of the proceeds will go to the amazing organization Stonewall UK.

The auction closes on June 14th– start bidding now, and get your friends involved, too! We’re hoping to raise a really solid amount to donate to Stonewall UK to help support the amazing work they’re doing.

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From A Kiss in the Dark by Cat Clarke

I took my phone out and tried to ignore Jamie staring at me. It was a text from Kate, asking if I’d enjoyed the procession. She said she’d been able to see the fireworks from Portobello. She liked that we’d both been watching the same thing at the same time. She said it was the next best thing to being together. Kate was always sending sweet messages like that — little things that would make me smile and feel good about myself no matter what was happening around me. Those messages were like oxygen to me.

There weren’t going to be any more messages like that from Kate. I was looking at the very last one. I stared at it until the words went blurry. And then I realised the words hadn’t gone blurry at all – there was a film of tears in front of my eyes. I blinked hard until they went away.

Kate’s message didn’t make me smile and feel good about myself this time. It made me feel like I was choking. It was too much — the thought of her looking at the fireworks, feeling happy and excited, hopeful about the future, while I looked up at them knowing it was over.

I would never see her again. Not unless we passed each other in the street one day. I’d already thought of that.