Queer-YA Scrabble is an event created to support Stonewall-UK and increase awareness of LGBTQ positive YA books.


Participants will hunt for letters concealed in blog posts featuring Queer YA books and then solve anagrams allowing them to compete for a chance to win a box full of great titles. Following the promotional game, another set of book-boxes will be up for bid with 100% of proceeds donated to Stonewall.

The event will run from June 6th-8th, 2015 (you can find the official timeline here).

We are proud to announce we are one of the hosts for the event! Other blogs who are participating include:

Writability + Afterwritten + YA Interrobang + Queer YA + LGBT YA Reviews

So how do you participate? Hidden in the next seven blog posts on GayYA there are eight letters that you need to find. They will be the color green, and in one post, there will be two of them. These letters will form a secret anagram that you need to solve to be able to enter the amazing giveaway! Visit the other blogs, and solve their anagrams, too. And remember– this is all to raise awareness for the auction that will raise funds to support Stonewall UK. So tell your friends! Share it on social media! And have fun! 

Enter the giveaway here (once you’ve solved the anagram!).

The giveaway closes on June 8th, and winners will be notified on the 9th. The giveaway is open to the United Kingdom, Ireland, United States of America, Canada, Mexico, and anywhere in continental Europe except Russia. Unfortunately, do to the prohibitive cost of shipping, the giveaway and auctions are not open to countries in Africa, South America, Asia or Australia.

Each blog has a team comprised of blog members and authors. Aaaaaaand guess what? We are TEAM DRAGON! (How kickass is that huh? *spits fire*)

 photo dragon1_zpsrzrnj3dz.gif

The fab authors part of our team are:


I.W. Gregorio (author of None of the Above)


Suzanne van Rooyen (author of The Other Me)


Jay Jordan Hawke (author of Pukawiss The Outcast)


Cat Clarke (author of A Kiss in the Dark)


Alex Sanchez (author of Boyfriends with Girlfriends)


Saruuh Kelsey (author of The Beast of Callaire)

Go Team Dragon!!

 photo dragon2_zpssteeiggz.gif

In case you have other questions about the event you can find answers here on the official page.

Let the games begin!