GayYA has many goals, but everything we do essentially comes down to one purpose: get more LGBTQIA+ YA published. We are more committed to this than ever!

This May, we’re thrilled to bring you a month long blogathon. Every day, you’ll hear from different authors, librarians, educators, and bloggers. We hope to use this opportunity to spread the love far and wide for LGBTQIA+ YA, and show anyone that might have any doubt that there is huge audience for LGBTQIA+ YA. (If we can accomplish these things, more LGBTQIA+ YA will be published!)

We so look forward to sharing these posts with you. If you’re feeling them, we’d love to have your help in promoting your favorite posts in this blogathon to your own networks! Spreadin’ the love far and wide, y’all. 🙂

Stay tuned for our first post….