Join us in our mission to provide a platform to discuss and promote queer YA! As a GayYA volunteer you can connect with our group of volunteers who are all extremely passionate about queer YA, create unique resources that support authors and enable teens to find queer books, and occasionally read queer YA before it is published.

We are looking for five new volunteers. The general time commitment for volunteers is 5 hr/wk, but it is subject to change as our busyness increases and decreases, and we can be a little flexible around your schedule. Volunteers may be asked to:

  • Format posts on and promote them through Twitter and Tumblr
  • Build the LGBTQIA+ Masterlist (currently we are working on part 2 of the masterlist– LGBTQIA+ YA broken down by genre)
  • Collect contact info
  • Find new people/groups for us to connect with (GSAs, book blogs, libraries, etc)
  • Interview authors/research authors to help us develop interview questions
  • Help us generate new ideas
  • Co-write posts or reviews

You DO NOT need to have previous experience with any of the above to apply.

People of color, disabled people, people who live outside of the US, neuroatypical/neurodivergent people, ace/aro people, intersex people, and trans people (particularly trans feminine people) are especially encouraged to apply. Authors, editors, agents, publicists, teachers and librarians are encouraged to apply as well. All ages are welcome.

Please note that at this time we can provide NO MONETARY COMPENSATION. And that this will not change anytime soon. GayYA is run on love. 😀

To apply, please tell us:

  • Your name, age, location, occupation, identity/orientation, and a little bit about yourself
  • If you have previous experience with anything similar to the things listed
  • Why you are interested in being involved
  • Anything else you think might be of interest!

If you’d like, include a link to your Twitter, tumblr, blog, and/or website, so we can learn a little more about you.

Email with your application.

Please apply by the 25th of April.