Hello everyone,

My name is james crawford and I am a young adult writer and yes I meant for my name to be in all lowercase. My First book is named ‘Caleo’ it’s about a boy named Caleo Anima who the social outcast of Butler High. His pale skin and white hair have caused him nothing but trouble since birth. Now at age seventeen a mysterious stranger appears out of nowhere telling Caleo that he is part of a magical race of people called Leeches and tearing him from a world that has rejected him, to be thrown into the middle of civil war that has been being fought in the shadows for decades… all in an effort to control ‘Caleo’

‘Caleo’ is a science fiction/fantasy book where the main character is gay. When I started writing Caleo I decided very early on that I did not want Caleo to be a “gay themed” book but ascience fiction book with a gay main character. Some people ask what the difference is and I feel it is simple a “gay themed” book revolves around the characters sexual orientation where as Caleo story line has very little to do with his sexual preference and focuses on the actual story plot. Yes there is a bit of a love interest in the book but no more than any sciencefiction/fantasy.

My inspiration for writing ‘Caleo’ came from the late Perry Moore’s book ‘Hero’. It was the first young adult book that I read with a gay main character. Sure it was a cheesy superhero novel but it opened my eyes to a new world of young adult fiction. While looking for books like it, I found that there is very few out there and decided to set out on my journey to be an author just like him. I want to inspire the young readers out there and let them know that it’s okay to be who you are. No matter what that is.

Thank you, and please check out my book ‘Caleo’ available on Amazon Kindle and Nook. For the next two months all my proceeds will be donated to charities. For the month of June all sales will go to help support www.GLBTAYS.org so please show your support. Next month is still up in the air so if you would like to recommend a charity drop me an email lucky_nova_77@yahoo.com

Your friend,

james crawford