I know what it’s like trying to find a scholarship that really fits who you are. It seems they want a little more of this or a little more of that. Well, I decided to start my own scholarship and hopefully there will be people out there that realize this is them. It’s very informal and that means you will be applying for a scholarship with an amount you aren’t sure about. To help make it easier, it will be at least $200 which I will pay if we don’t raise enough money.

Now…raise money? What’s that mean? I’m going to set up a month long series of auctions in order to raise the minimum, but hopefully more. This will take place during November of 2011. We’re obviously more than happy to take any donations…so if you want to help us raise money, get in touch. At the end of November, you must have applied to the scholarship and then the judging begins. I’ll narrow the entries down to just a few or so and then hopefully enlist some people to help me out in choosing the ONE winner.

If you don’t think this scholarship is for you, it would still mean the world to me if you would spread the word. We want to find a deserving person. This person must live in the 48 continental United States, be between 15 and 19 years old, identify as LGBT or an ALLY and are working to make sure everybody is accepted…and not just tolerated. After all, the scholarship is called Living Beyond Tolerance. You can apply now until the end of November. To learn how to do so (and for full details of the scholarship) go here: www.bridgethegapx.blogspot.com

I run the blog, Let’s Get Beyond Tolerance, and it was through this that I decided to set up a scholarship. I want it to make a difference for someone. All they have to do is promise to use it for education of some sort…but that could be a variety of things!

In order to raise awareness for the scholarship and auctions, I’m hosting an LGBT Book Summer giveaway. Just go here: www.letsgetbeyondtolerance.blogspot.com to learn more on how to enter. This is open to everyone, not just those who are eligible to earn the scholarship.

So help us make a difference in someone’s life, whether that someone is you…someone you know…or someone you’ve never heard of but that is doing something wonderful in their life. Spread the word, apply for the scholarship, enter the giveaway, and live beyond tolerance.


-Lauren Becker