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My Thoughts

Can I say that I feel a little lost now that this series is finally over? And when I say lost I don’t mean that the book left me confused and with unanswered questions, I mean lost because the last page has been printed and I am left behind in the real world while the world of Wicked Lovely continues on in an alternate dimension somewhere without me.

It’s a bittersweet feeling certainly and its one I’m happy to feel because it means that a series I have grown attached to didn’t go on forever and grow tiresome. And it means that all those loose ends that were left unraveled in all the previous books have now been resolved.

At the end of Radiant Shadows a new court had been formed, the world of Faerie had been sealed off, Keenan, was still missing and the Dark Court had been attacked and their former King mortally wounded. Now Keenan is making dangerous deals with faeries of the sea, Bananach is bulldozing everyone towards war and the faerie equivalent of the Grim Reaper has arrived in Huntsdale and is paying visits to our favourite faery monarchs.

My nerves were so on edge as I read the pages of this final book because I knew main characters were going to die, characters that I had quickly grown to love and just didn’t know whom it was going to be or when it was going to happen. What made it worst was that many characters that I had disliked before reading Darkest Mercy had changed and grown over the course of the series. And the different POVs I were viewing them from had now shed them in a new light that allowed me to understand them and even like them so now I was worried about them dieing as well.

This would also be the book that would finally reveal if Ash would end up with Seth or Keenan, if Donia would ever have a true happy ending, and if we would ever see Leslie again or if we would just get a snippet of her in a short story.

This book will certainly tug and pull at your emotions but at the end of it, despite all that has happened, all who were lost, all who end up and don’t end up together, and everything that was changed you can’t deny that the ending is a perfect fit. Not a perfect bow-tie ending but an ending that really completes this brilliant series perfectly.

5 stars