We are so excited to have so many great participants in our “Gay in YA” Blogathon launch! We’ll be posting the first installment in the blogathon in just a few moments, but first we wanted to say a big, gigantic THANK YOU to all our bloggers. We couldn’t have made any of this happen without you, and we are so excited to see what you have to say about LGBTQ in YA and share it with the rest of the worlf. The outpouring of support from everybody we have talked to and approached with this idea has been overwhelming and nothing short of amazing. Newsflash: The YA community rocks.

On to the schedule! We’ll be announcing each week’s schedule the Friday before and adding past bloggers to our blogroll page.

Coming up this week:

April 1st: Old Dog, New Tricks by Saundra Mitchell

April 2nd: The Gay Gamut by Charlotte Johnson

April 3rd: Review of ASH by Malinda Lo, Reviewed by Andrea from Aine’s Realm

April 4th: Guest Blog by Brian Farrey

April 5th: Guest Blog by Chandra Rooney from Dreaming in Red

April 6th: Review of Pink by Lili Wilkson, Reviewed by Samantha from Looney Reads

April 7th: Review of Tell Me What You See by Zoran Drvenkar


The Week Two schedule will be posted April 8th. Stay tuned for Old Dog, New Tricks from Saundra Mitchell in just a few!